Recruitment Solutions


As Pozitif HR team, we analyze the needs and expectations of our business partners in different sectors and provide professional recruitment services.

In every recruitment process, we prepare a boutique work plan that is specific to the position we work on and ensure a safe cooperation with continuous communication.


During the planning phase, we provide guidance on how appropriate candidate profiles should be in line with the strategies for the needs of our business partners.

  • Customer Demand
  • Role-Specific Requirements
  • Identifying Job Position


In the implementation phase, we try to reach the right candidates by using different recruitment methods depending on the strategies determined. We appraise appropriate candidates through interview processes and form the right candidate profile that is most suitable for the company. We also evaluate the cultural harmony between the company and the candidate.

  • Analysis and Research
  • Creating Short List
  • Interview Stage (One-to-One Interviews)
  • Presentation of Candidates
  • Customer Interview Management


During the placement phase, we make reference controls about the candidates that our business partner has approved. During the reconciliation process, we act together with our business partner.

  • Reference Process
  • Offer Stage
  • Process Follow-Up
  • Employee Integration

Good communication, trust and continuity are our greatest principles.

We aim to produce customized solutions for our business partners and bring them together with happy and productive employees.