About Pozitif HR

Pozitif HR has been established as a specialized human resources consultancy company which provides fast solutions by analyzing the needs and expectations of institutions and job-seeking professionals via adopting a high-quality service approach.

In addition, the company's HR organizational structuring projects with institutionalization processes are being designed, planned and implemented as customized for you.

Our priority is to establish long-term, reliable collaborations by making a difference in all human resources management processes of our business partners. Result orientation, speed and effective work are our most distinguishing features.

We also provide support and guidance to job seeker professionals for their business life by providing individual coaching and career counseling in line with their experience and career goals.

Our Vision and Values

For us, each position is a unique project and therefore we develop different recruitment plans for each.

Our main purpose is; to provide a good Human Resources Consulting experience to our business partners and job seeker professionals.

For this, we understand the recruitment processes of our business partners in the best way; produce the most accurate solutions, in the fastest way for our business partners; match the most suitable candidate and position.

Continuity and trust are the most important factors in our relations with our business partners and candidates.


Why Pozitif HR?

Best Fit Candidate: As Pozitif HR, we not only find the right technical skills for the position but also provide candidates suitable for the organizational structure to meet the specific requirements of the organizational culture.

Result-Oriented Approach: We produce efficient solutions by quickly understanding the requirements of our business partners.

Service of High Quality: By providing high quality and wide equipped service to our distinguished business partners, we make them feel comfortable and happy.

Fast Communication: We begin to offer candidates within 3 working days for your open positions.

Time Saving:  We empower our business partners to focus on their core business and increase their productivity.

Guaranteed Recruitment: We guarantee employment for candidates. 

Business Lines We Serve

  • Finance 
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Product and Brand Management  
  • Human Resources Management  
  • E-Commerce and Digital Marketing   
  • Information Technologies
  • Supply Chain Management

Sectors We Serve

  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Luxury Consumption
  • FMCG
  • Telecom
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil, Gas and Power
  • Real Estate, Construction

Our Services

Pozitif HR, based on the principles of good communication, trust and continuity; analyzes the culture, structure and employees of our business partners and provides a customized human resources service for them.

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