Career Counseling

By analyzing the competencies of the candidates, Pozitif HR sets realistic criteria by taking into consideration the work experiences and the direction & goals of the candidates that they want to progress in business life. Within the framework of these criteria, Pozitif HR identifies the strengths and the key competencies for the development area to achieve the goals and draws a roadmap for future career opportunities.

  • Vision and Goal Setting
  • Career Planning
  • Career Management
  • Personal Development and Image
  • Business and Private Life Balance

Why Career Counseling?

  • Helps you in your job search process.
  • Provides information about business life and career opportunities.
  • Teaches strategies to make logical career decisions by asking you the right questions.
  • Helps you determine your career goals & expectations and draws a route accordingly.
  • Encourages you to think of different and new things that you have never thought of before.
  • Makes it easier for you to learn more about yourself and understand the decision-making process.

As a result of this consultation, you'll have the skills and knowledge to clearly identify and reach your career goals.

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